Saturday, 22 August 2009

Cologne Day 3 - Pork, Press, Passes and Planes

So, the final day and the final countdown to my 9.30 minis press conference, After a late session of tweaking and listening to Everton turn over Sigma Olomouc, my pre- press conference agenda was a quick shower, final bit of packing, maybe grab a quick bit of brekkie, then head to the show with ease. Well, that was the plan...Everything went well until the final bit of packing, then panic, no show pass.

Unpack everything, can't find it, unpack small bag, nothing. Check all the side pockets, nothing. Noooooo! A further 10 minutes of frantic and fruitless packing, unpacking, throwing the bedding all over the gaff, still no pass. Absolute nightmare. I threw caution to the wind and went over on the off chance I could get in off the back of it being important enough either I or Sony could blag it. John Booth (Sony), who'd been an absolute legend throughout the entire show, sorted me out at the entrance, but it was a scary half hour, there.

With hindsight, it was probably the best thing that could've happened, I'd stopped fretting about the press conference and was now more worried about looking like I'd done a 10k run on the way to the centre. Prior to the press conference, I had quick chats with fellow devs at the presentation, Jeff Tremblay (Frima), Chris Gibbs (EA Mobile) and Ash Manif (Subatomic)before it was time to do this thing.

The presentation was a surreal experience, very informal and far better (in terms of my performance) than I expected it to be. There are things I wish I'd said differently, but really I'm pretty pleased at how I came across in the conference. I hope my work will be of benefit to the company as a whole, the guys at Sony were pretty pleased, and Jeff congratulated me as I sat down (I think he'd sussed my "rabbit in the headlights" look at the runthrough on Thursday).

Press conference done, I finally went for a wander round some of the show, took some snaps, then headed for the hotel to catch up with some work and catch up with Nat and Ricky. The minis announcement is certainly starting to have an affect, I've got two email interviews from high profile internet review sites, so the impression it has left on our company profile has been almost immediate and very significant. We'd have to spend large sums of money to get this sort of profile without the support of a publisher/platform holder and what they bring to the party.

All the gushing and name dropping in this post is shocking, it's starting to sound like a Piers Morgan article.

So finally, I got to see some show, and now so can you (though I dare say you've already seen a shed load of better taken pics on any number of gaming sites).

Wouldn't you know it, I get home, start to unpack and what do I find...

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