Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Cologne Day 1 - Bitte Warten, Bitter Water

First day has certainly been an interesting one. My media training stood me in good stead for the interviews and grillings from the mixed collection of press types. Obviously the announcement of the PSP minis has gained us some interest, and the question "So where are you guys based?" is now "So you guys are in Camden, yeah?", so our place in the games food chain has just moved up slightly.

I'd forgotten how tiring stand work is, and when the large booth opposite you is belting out the much overrated Calvin Harris every 10 minutes, you want to cry at first, though it gets easier as the day continues and seeing the reaction to Kahoots has really made it worthwhile. One of the real thrills I got today was watching people realise how the mechanic worked and then yes go "ah, yes. That's really good"

After a day doing stand work, I went on a Sony night out, I haven't had a Sony night out since Sony was called Psygnosis. It was very different to what I'm used to, nobody was sick down a marketing ladies top and there wasn't a narky coach driver threatening to dump us all at Cronton. Though I still managed to find someone who still calls me "Minwind" and my hotel is on a junction that looks a bit like Switch Island, so the old school wasn't too far away.

More pictures!

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