Friday, 21 August 2009

Cologne Day 2 - Is this place twinned with Neasden?

Day 2 started with the ubiquitous bout of beer sweats and an early morning meeting, but any plans to go out and about in Cologne were rendered pointless by the looming Press conference on Friday morning, which meant I had to blast out some sharp looking powerpoint slides about us and Kahoots. Thankfully both Ricky and Nat were absolute bricks when it came to dropping everything to help me out, it was a much slicker piece of work thanks to them.
After a quick runthrough with the Sony guys and the other dev's it was back to the hotel, I'd still seen nothing of the show apart from the Sony stand, on the way back I noticed that the LaXwall Arena is actually a portal to my home, looking like an almost exact replica of a certain stadium just up the road from Brent Park Tesco.
An evening spent in the hotel bar practicing, surfing and watching German's swearing at the women's high jump produces the first signs of "Honeyslug" cropping up more and more in the games press.

You want the pictures? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE PICTURES!

If you couldn't handle pics, you're certainly not going to be able to handle a video...

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  1. Looks like E3 without those awful fat Americans waddling about.