Tuesday, 16 June 2009

'ving Reigns

Irving Nurdler is a great big nerd, he likes nerdy things such as D20's, FPS's, LAN parties, posters of Gillian Anderson circa 1998 and most of all, he likes collecting autographs from the stars of the cinema world. With it being awards time in Hollywood, Irving has travelled to Tinseltown to pick up as many autographs as he can from the famous celeb-hangout, Hotel Splendide, for what he hopes will be night of autograph hunting he'll never forget.

Things quickly take a turn for the unusual, the entrance to the hotel should be thronged by baying pap's and fellow autograph hunters by now, but there's not a soul in sight, and the same story in the foyer, the 'ding' of the reception bell echoing around a seemingly empty hotel.

"No wonder there's been no news about the awards, this place is dead..."

Ever the opportunist, Irving decides to investigate the rooms hoping to doorstep some unsuspecting A-listers for their autographs, and quickly gets far more than just autographs to hunt.

Welcome, Irving Nurdler, to Hollywood Ghoulevard...

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  1. This game is going to ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKKK! ROCK ONNNNN!!!!!