Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I Am Dino, Hear Me Roar!

We've not mentioned My Pet Dinosaur for some time now, largely because it's been finished for a bit (so we're going through the whole post-dev business of getting a PEGI rating, box artwork, min spec-ing, etc that stuff you'd normally shunt onto a publisher) and we're busy with tons of other stuff. So perhaps it is as good a time as any for a quick burst of update on that front.

My Pet Dinosaur is a virtual pet game where, you raise a Dinosaur from hatchling to something akin to the size of the Cloverfield monster, except without the statue vandalism, people killing and the entire force of the US military firing shots at you. No, our dinosaurs are nice dinosaurs, all they require is feeding, cleaning, a toy to chase, maybe having a massive dump from time to time and a natty Afro wig and shades combo (natch).

As your dino ages, it discovers new locations to play in and learns new skills which it can improve them over time, he can also have competitions and races against his 4 new dino friends. As I hinted before, you can kit out your dinosaur with different types of headgear and glasses, some of them improve your dinos skills, others just make them look good.

My Pet Dinosaur will, in all likelihood, hit the stores in the summer, so keep 'em peeled. Here's some new screen shots below.

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