Thursday, 11 June 2009

We Am One!

Yep, on the 11th June 2008, a small group of developers with a wallet full of redundancy cash and a pocket full of dreams officially incorporated as Honeyslug Limited. Twelve months on, we have our own office, business cards, blog (hiya!), and the small matter of four games out in the wild. The next 12 months will see the new site up and running, along with the release of more flash based fun (not least the final arrival of Kahoots), My Pet Dino on PC and our move into development on other games platforms. All done to the soundtrack of BBC 6Music, unless George Lamb is on.

Setting up a company was the simple part, drumming up business (and resulting cash) to make that company's existence worthwhile has been (and will continue to be) hard work, but given we've made it to the important first birthday with work steadily rolling in, we must be doing something right!

Happy birthday to us!

There's a cake next to it with 'N1' on it.

1 comment:

    i got the honeylsug webcam working !

    happy birthday punks ! xxxxx el baggoto