Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Kahoots is here!

The time has come for you to play:

Honeyslug’s “Kahoots”!

Check it out online today -

They’re marching in their boots!

Made from lots of things we found -

Like buttons, beads and treats.

Or things we purchased for a pound -

Like clay and card and sweets.

Kahoots are friendly sofa dwellers,

Who walk twixt To and Fro.

Help them thwart the Cardborg fellas -

Swap blocks to make them go.

Exit doors, they’re just the thing -

To send them on their way!

Just listen to the Pegbeast sing -

He’ll teach you how to play.

A brand new game for everyone!

Solve puzzles, make safe routes.

50 levels of mind bending fun -

Click here - Save the Kahoots!

Avoid the yellow snow, little fella!

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